Piercings are a great way to decorate your body, but without the right care, they can lead to infections or irritations. As a professional piercer, you want your clients to have the most satisfying and safe experience possible, and to ensure that happens, you may want to stock some post-piercing care products in your shop.

When you're buying body piercing kits, you may also want to stock up on the following types of items.

Medicated Swabs

Medicated swabs are similar to the concept of dipping a cotton ball in sanitiser and wiping it on your piercing. However, because the swabs are already medicated, your clients don't have to worry about carrying around a bottle and potentially spilling it. This can be a great product for people with busy lives.

Aftercare Spray

In lieu of a traditional bottle of hydrogen peroxide, you may want to offer your clients aftercare spray such as a saline spray. They can simply spray these products directly on their piercing. If you do a lot of tongue piercings, you should look for aftercare spray that is safe to ingest. Additionally, sprays are completely closed, which means that you don't have to worry about bacteria getting in the bottle as you might with other options.

Skin Conditioner

With small body piercings, the skin tends to adjust relatively quickly. However, with gauges, the skin may need a little extra help. Products such as skin conditioners or stretching balms can help your clients' bodies to adjust to their gauges. When you run a piercing studio, you want your clients to be as happy and comfortable as possible because that increases the chance that they will refer friends or relatives to your studio.

Sea Salts and Botanicals

Many piercing enthusiasts prefer natural products, and to appeal to them, you may want to stock products that feature ingredients such as Dead Sea salt, vitamin E to encourage healing and tea tree oil to soothe the skin. In that same vein, you may want to stay away from products with harsh chemicals.

Medicated Lotion Soap

Finally, a lot of products can dry out your clients' skin. To protect them, you may want to try medicated lotion soap. These products keep the skin around the piercing soft and supple, while also killing germs and bacteria.

Depending on your preferences, you can buy small versions of the above products and give them to your clients as a complimentary gesture after their piercings are complete. Alternatively, you can buy and resell these products. To get more ideas, contact your local body piercing jewellery suppliers today.