If you have some beautiful vintage jewellery that is broken or not currently wearable, you may be wondering about the best way to get it repaired. Here are some tips. 

Get the repairs done early

If you notice that you have a loose stone or sticky clasp on a valued piece of jewellery, it is a good idea to get it checked earlier rather than later. Many repairs are much simpler when they are done earlier. Equally, many of these repairs if left undone could lead to your losing all or part of your jewellery — and it can be very hard to replace unique vintage jewellery if you lose it.

It can also be a good idea to get the jewellery regularly cleaned as a buildup of grease and dirt can also contribute to the jewellery becoming more damaged and worn. 

Look for an experienced jeweller

Many chain jewellery stores can do simple repairs such as replacing a standard clasp or resizing a ring, but they may send many of the repairs offsite. If you have a delicate piece of vintage jewellery which has been made by hand, it may be hard for a chain store to manage the repair. It can often be easier to chat directly with a jeweller who is skilled in a range of jewellery techniques and can work out the best way to repair the damage. 

Bring in photos or drawings

If the piece of jewellery is very damaged, it can be hard for the jeweller to know how the jewellery looked originally. If the piece of jewellery has been in the family for a while, you may be able to find some photos of the jewellery being worn, which can give the jeweller some guidance on how the jewellery originally looked. (Many people will take pictures of their jewellery for insurance purposes, which can be another source of information for the jeweller.) 

If the jewellery has any marks indicating the jeweller that made the original piece, you may also be able to contact the jeweller (if they are still in business) to see if they still have some drawings of the piece. Many custom jewellers keep pictures of their custom pieces of work for marketing purposes. 

It is a great idea to get beautiful vintage jewellery repaired so it can be worn and appreciated again. Finding an experienced jeweller can help get your jewellery back to its original state.