Going vintage when looking for a watch is an exciting and enriching experience. It is an easy way of learning the evolution that these devices have gone through over the years to become the high-tech devices that you see around today. You can learn a few things about the engineering of the watches. A good example is how significant events in the world such as the great economic depression in the 1930s or the world wars shaped the thinking and methods of watch engineers. The following is a comprehensive discussion that will help you gain insight when going vintage with watches: 

Look for Authenticity

If you are looking for a vintage watch, its uniqueness lies in the authenticity or originality that define it. An easy way to make sure that your vintage piece is authentic is through a thorough examination of its physical features like the calibration and the arms. The metallic calibrations or backgrounds aren't as neatly polished as the ones used in modern watches. To add on that, you can also look at the design to see if the elements correspond to the attributes of watches within that period. Ideally, an online search of the information about watches made within a certain period will help you in selecting an authentic vintage piece. For instance, the period of the great recession is renowned for the transition between pocket and wristwatches decorated with enamel or silver pendants. Some had luminescent radium on the hour hand. 

Brace Yourself for the Maintenance Needs

Age comes with a lot of wear and tear for watches. If you are going vintage, then you must understand that your vintage watch has been around a lot longer unlike the new models on the market. This comes with performance challenges because of the physical wear and tear of its components. To add on that, it may not have some of the features associated with modern watches like water resistance. Brace yourself for the maintenance needs of your aged watch such as replacing the battery more often or resetting the arms (because they are less resistant to shock). Find a reliable watch technician to help you out with these needs.

They Are a Symbol of Craftsmanship

Vintage watches are a symbol of history and tradition. They are an indication that you appreciate craftsmanship because most vintage watches were carefully assembled by hand unlike many of their modern counterparts. This craftsmanship is what makes them stand out by avoiding the dullness and bland uniformity of many modern watches.