Diamond rings are the quintessential choice when you plan to propose to your partner, but with so many styles, cuts, colours and materials, it can be daunting for prospective grooms to get it right. Unless you're going with your partner to pick out the ring of her choice, you'll want the surprise proposal to be perfect. This guide will help you with tactics to choose the perfect diamond for your traditional bride at the jeweller.

Establish Your Diamond Shape

With diamond rings, your first choice is to choose the shape. Diamond shapes vary in style, so if your partner has traditional taste, then you want to choose classic round, square, oval or princess-cut diamond ring shapes. Round diamonds feature excellent sparkle, while princess and square diamonds feature timeless, angular beauty to go well with most outfits. Oval diamonds are also a good choice because they help to elongate a finger with their stretched appearance. These shapes are typically most popular because of their classic beauty, making them a good choice to set on engagement rings for your traditional bride.  

Consider The Size Of The Diamond

Size is the most visually obvious aspect of a diamond, so you'll naturally want to get this right based on your partner's taste. Size will depend on the carat weight of the diamond, but you should ideally pick something that's suitably apparent if your bride has traditional taste because she'll naturally want to show it off. An average diamond ring is approximately 1.18 carats. A good idea would be to gauge an understanding of your bride's diamond size expectation from close friends or family, so that you can get something that tides in flawlessly with her expectations. Most traditional brides typically enjoy displaying their rings, so you can choose a slightly larger diamond size for your partner based on your budget.

Choose A Thick Diamond Girdle

The girdle is the diamond perimeter or the outmost edge of the diamond and is the portion that makes direct contact with the setting type. Diamond rings are usually at risk of rough contact because of regular chores, so thinner girdles are more susceptible to cracking and chipping. To prevent this, you should ideally choose a thicker diamond girdle. Keep in mind that square and princess cut diamonds already have sharp corners, so thinner girdles are most vulnerable to chipping. Thicker girdles typically resonate well with traditional brides because they represent classic beauty.

If you're in the market to buy diamond rings for your traditional bride, consider these tactics for getting the diamond ring right.