When it comes to choosing a handmade diamond ring, it's so important to consider what shape of diamond cut, setting and band style suits the wearer's individual hand and finger shape.  A handmade diamond ring is something that you'll treasure forever, and the right design can be extremely flattering.

Here are some guidelines to help you make the right choice.

Small hands and big hands

As a general rule, a single, small solitaire stone could get lost on a large hand, whereas complicated designs containing many stones and a large setting can easily overwhelm a smaller hand.  When choosing a design for a handmade ring, always keep in mind proportion.

Broad palms and wide fingers

A wide-banded ring that is set with a cluster of stones or a single pear, marquise or emerald cut diamond set to the horizontal are flattering options for wide fingers.  This style has the effect of making the fingers look narrower and longer.  

Broad palms and short fingers

Short fingers can look stubby, especially if you have broad palms.  A marquise shaped stone and narrow band can give your fingers the illusion of length, whilst pear shapes can draw the eye down the finger making it look longer and more slender.  Split shank rings or those with thin interlocking bands also work well as they help to break up the ring's shape.

Long fingers

People with long, narrow fingers often suit the timeless classic round solitaire cut stone very well.  Unusual shapes like princess or heart cuts also work well and offer a rather different option.  Thick, solid ring bands often don't suit long, thin fingers, so try something finer, or go for an interlocking style instead if you want width.

Short thin fingers

Short, thin fingers can sometimes look out of proportion to the palm.  In this case, smaller stones are often the most flattering option.  Try emerald, marquise or oval cuts set to the horizontal; these shapes can help to make the fingers look more in proportion.  Also, a thicker style of ring band can add horizontal lines, making narrow fingers look wider.

In conclusion

Buying a unique, handmade diamond ring is an exciting experience, and the ring you choose should bring you a lifetime of enjoyment.  Use this guide to help you pick a ring style and diamond cut to suit your shape of hand and the length of your fingers.  For more advice, have a chat with the jeweller for advice on what design would suit you best.